Recovery means different things to different people.

  • It is recovering from a mental illness. It is about working towards personalised individuals’ goals and having hope for future.
  • It is very personal and Person centred approach is very important during the recovery support process. Recovery is not a one-off event – it is a process that can take time.
  • Recovery can mean for some, the differences between types of mental health recovery, and some research and resources.
  • Some researchers define recovery as, ‘Recovery isn’t about getting back to how you were before, it’s about building something new’.
  • We aim to provide Enablement skills so that the service user can independently in community.

We support recovery of individual in the following needs:

  1. Managing mental health
  2. Physical health & self -care
  3. Daily Living skills
  4. Social networks Work
  5. Relationships Responsibilities
  6. Addictive behaviour Identity and
  7. Self – esteem Trust and
  8. Hope