We provide support services.
We provide support services to people living in the community, either with their families or in their own homes independently.

We offer support services at an affordable cost.

Our Services:

  • Access to local community services: Preferred visit to access social activities
  • Cleaning: sweeping. Mopping the floor, cleaning walls, dusting
  • shopping: Accessing to preferred shops,
  • Escorting: escorting to preferred places, visiting friends, Gp, eye appointments and hospital appointments
  • Laundry: Washing clothes, ironing and packing
  • Education: accessing for education facilities, skills need e.g. computer skills
  • Budgeting; Accessing to shopping needs and assisting with cost effective selection of affordable goods and needs.
  • Home out door maintenance: gardening and disposing rubbish.
  • Neighbourhood: relationships
  • Social Activities: gym, swimming, indoor and outdoor games